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Track Big Players Moves
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Short and Long Term Outlook
Options Strategy Recommendation
Global Markets Cues
Systematic Options Chain
Cyclic Tracker
Index Management
Best Strikes and Expiry
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Analytics Dashboard

Options analytics dashboard with almost every piece of information that an option trader needs. From options strikes and expiry to hedging and strategy.

Cyclic Tracker

Track Index Management and cyclic movements (time & price) of NIFTY with the help of its top 10 heavy weighthstocks that account for more than 50% weightage.


Options analytics available for both high volume indices i.e. NIFTY and BANKNIFTY. Analyze both the indices together and make timely and informed decisions. 

Trade Options Like Professional With Hedging AnalyticsMarket OutlookSystematic Option ChainBest Strikes & ExpiryGlobal CuesKey Market LevelsStrategy & ExpectationsOptions Data Analytics

Access it from any device. Anywhere and Anytime. Dashboard is always at finger tips.

Global cues that change the course of Indian market through out the day.

Mission critical information & analytics such as market outlook (short & long), sentiments of big players, hedging, strikes & expiry selection, etc.

Easy to understand data and analytics snapshopts for NIFTY and BANKNIFTY, with help pop-ups for new users.