Access Policy

Access Policy and Definition of Active Trade for Continued Access to OPNODES Dashboard & NIFTY Cyclic Tracker:

  • For privacy reason, we will not allow system or anyone from our team to check trades of the client(s).
  • Sachin Bhatia FinTech Services (“SBFS”) has the following premium offerings for traders:
    • WaveNodes – Technical analysis tool for stock market, indices, commodities, among other tradeable instruments
    • OpNodes Dashboard – For intraday traders who trade actively in derivatives segment of NIFTY and BANKNIFTY, especially in options segment
    • Cyclic Tracker – For NIFTY index traders who wish to track cyclic nature of the index and analyse forthcoming possibilities
  • In addition to paid subscriptions, Access to the OpNodes dashboard (“dashboard”) is currently offered complimentary to the traders who open trading account with IIFL through our sub-broking unit. Reason for offering complimentary access to the dashboard is to let active traders take timely decision that can help safeguard from wrong decisions and losses. This eventually generates a parallel stream of revenue to support infrastructure and operations of the dashboard, as well as add and enhance analytics capabilities.
  • We also came across instances wherein many users were sharing the login with non-clients or using dashboard for analytics but not trading in account with our sub-broking unit, thereby, impacting us financially.
  • Focus of the dashboard is on traders who trade actively in intraday and in NIFTY/BANKNIFTY derivatives segments. Thus, to limit the unnecessary loading of the servers and to encourage active traders only have seamless access to the dashboard, we are limiting the complimentary access for the users meeting below criteria.
  • Criteria for OpNodes Dashboard access

    • Dashboard access will be given only when the traders meet criteria of active trader. Only opening trading account does not meet eligibility criterion.
    • New account holder must have traded in F&O segment for at least 3 days out of preceding 10 calendar days (excluding holidays) before requesting complimentary access to the dashboard.
    • For continued access to dashboard and all its features, the trader must have traded for at least 3 days out of preceding 10 calendar days (excluding holidays).
    • Quantum and worth of trading are not important at this juncture.
    • The system will check the number of active days and will no longer check trades.
    • Access is strictly for single user only and must not be shared.
  • Criteria for OpNodes Cyclic Tracker

    • In addition to criteria laid for OpNodes Dashboard, the traders having or trading with margin of more than 5 Lakh rupee are eligible to request complimentary access to NIFTY Cyclic Tracker.
    • The trader must have margin for trading above 4 Lakh in the account all times.
    • Access is strictly for single user only and must not be shared.

Last update: 11 October 2022. Policy may change without notice.